36  G E N E R . S TA R K Immediately I knew what Pastor Fick was trying to show me, “I see the great importance of what you say. I came to faith here as the Word was taught and preached to me in German. It is as if some connection to my home and family led me to faith.” Pastor Fick went on to explain, “I attended the seminary in St. Louis and have since written and spoken a great deal about the importance of relating to people in their own language and on their own terms. There is now a practical course of study at the seminary that focuses not on formal study, but on teaching the common working folks and welcoming new immigrants with the gospel in a way they can understand.” That was the type of ministry that had brought me to faith, and it was then I understood the importance of what these pas- tors were telling me. Pastor Fick explained, “You are the kind of person the church needs, to teach and preach the gospel to the new immigrants who are arriving each day to America. You have traveled here, you have worked here, and you can relate to the people.” “How do I began such a ministry?” “As you pursue the practical course of study at the Lutheran seminary in St. Louis, you will be given the tools that are neces- sary to carry on such a ministry.” On that day in February, my life truly changed forever. I now felt that I knew the reason God called me across the ocean to America. Just as so many were inspired to move to America in pursuit of freedom and a better life, I now knew that I was called here to minister to those immigrants, to transition them from be- ing German Christians, to becoming American Christians. I had found the way to carry out the mission. I only knew that I must be part of this ministry, but I still didn’t fully understand how God would use me in the New World. I shall never forget Pastor Fick and how he was able to clear- ly focus me on God’s will for my life. He truly had a vision for ministry. He wrote a great hymn, “Rise Thou Light of Gentile