G O D I N A G O D F O R S A K E N L A N D  37 Nations,” a hymn that I would often use in later years as I led congregations with my violin. Even my physical frailty and lack of a strong singing voice was strengthened as God used my talent on the violin to help me lead worship with my instrument. My mother had encouraged me to pursue the violin, and even though I never knew how I would use the instrument later in life, I practiced. I was encouraged by my Turnverein friends and carefully practiced my violin and carried it across the Atlantic on the immigration voyage. Just as the work of pastor Fick had led many to faith, he en- couraged me in my faith and calling, “August the need is great and you can witness to the new German immigrants in their own language.” Having spent only a year in America, I found myself enrolled in a preparatory course in the practical seminary in St. Louis, Missouri. The course of study was designed to help one become a pastor to the people—a practical minister of the Word. Only in faith, with little idea of where God would direct me, I embarked on the seminary route, much as I had boarded the Ozean in Bre- men that was bound for America. I realized that as before, in all of my travel and work, even as I entered a new country and con- tinued to search for His will, there was God.