b'WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU REALLY FELT HIS TOUCH?Every believer believes in miracles, but few realize that God performs them in their own life. Through these exciting,true accounts the author shows that divine interventionsoccur all the time, and that recognizing them is necessary fora fulfilling Christian Life.A must read for a world needing healing and awareness that God shows up, even in the mess, as He relentlessly pursues our hearts.Kens raw transparency of his journey, remarkable candor, and powerful ZULWLQJ\x03LQVSLUHG\x03PH\x03WR\x03UHHFW\x03RQ\x03KRZ\x03*RG\x03KDV\x03VKRZQ\x03XS\x03RYHU\x03DQG\x03RYHU\x03\x03\x03\x03\x03\x03in my own life!Joby Martin, Lead Pastor, The Church of Eleven22Life stories can reveal a lot about a person and their faith journey. In Intrusions, Ken shows us what it means to experience God on a daily basis, and how patient He is throughout our journey with Him. Youllbe entertained and encouraged by the realization that His presenceand His Biblical truthsapply to every believer today.Os Hillman, author, TGIF Today God Is FirstABOUT THE AUTHOR:Entrepreneur and author Kenneth R. Overman, MBA, has visited 108 countries and written over 30 books including novels, memoirs, and biographical legacies. He lives with his wife, Karen, in northeast Florida where they write, swim, and eagerly anticipate more of Gods intrusions.RELIGION/CHRISTIAN LIFE/INSPIRATIONAL'