J A M E S A N D L E E  3 Anyhow, Lee does have a point. It’s definitely not the prettiest thing to look at. But what it lacks in eye appeal, it makes up for in ingenuity. It took three years to build this masterpiece, and now here we are on the verge of greatness, ready to shake our fists in the face of time and laugh in the visage of space! In a few short minutes, my brother and I will embark on a journey back in time to correct the mistakes of the past— Yes, yes, that’s good and all, but can we leave now? The natives are getting restless. They haven’t stopped pounding on that door since we barricaded ourselves in here. Well, Lee, what do you expect? After all, we did steal their “Sacred Napkin.” More reason for us to stop this chatting and leave this place…err… time…space… whatever! Okay, okay, but all in good time. Before we leave, we seriously need to get the readers fully caught up with the events that led up to this glorious occasion. Are you serious? We stole the Sacred Napkin! If that mob gets in here, they’re going to eat us and use the Sacred Napkin to wipe our blood from their chins! Please, Lee, they’re not cannibals. Besides, that door will hold them off for a while. You must forgive my brother. Lee can be a little dramatic at times. Everything to him is a crisis: “Oh me, oh my, I stubbed my toe! Oh no, I can’t find my razor! Oh, woe is me, I think people are trying to eat me!” Seriously, Lee, you re- ally need to learn to relax a little. Yeah, sure…I’ll relax. But when those deranged lunatics break down that door, I’m making sure they see you as the appetizer. Whatever skittles your skidattle. Now, where was I? Oh yes, you probably want to know about this business with the Sacred Napkin and the bloodthirsty mob that we stole it from. To get the big picture of our present situation, we need to go back to the events of yesterday morning. A flashback?! We don’t have time for a flashback!