18  G R E G O R Y J A M E S “Thanks,” said Lee putting down his mug and wiping his lips. “So, how is the machine coming?” “Beautifully,” I replied, taking a sip of my own tea. “Fantastic.” Lee said. Another sip. “Almost finished.” Another sip. “You don’t say?” Sip. “I do say.” Sip. “Then when do we leave?” Sip. “Soon.” Sip. “How soon?” Sip. “Very.” Sip. “Can you be more specific?” Sip. “Tonight.” Sip. “Really?” Sip. “Really.” Sip. “I will pick up the last piece today.” Sip. “You mean…you found one?” Sip. “Yup…I did.” Sip. “The last piece to the puzzle for unlocking the mystery of time travel.” Sip. “Where did you find it?” Sip. “I have my ways.” Sip—mug empty. “Then shall we start our day?” Sip—mug empty. “No reason not to,” I said. “We’re out of tea.” “We could make more,” said Lee as he looked longingly at the bottom of his mug. “We could, but it would only delay the inevitable.” “I suppose you’re right.” “Of course I’m right,” I reminded Lee. “I’m always right.” “That’s true, except for the times when you’re wrong,” Lee reminded me. “Yes, but that happened only once, and, in truth, I wasn’t wrong. I have just yet to be proven right. Just give it time, you’ll see, I’m never wrong.” “So, you’re saying that you’re always right?” “Without a doubt.”