J A M E S A N D L E E  21 you’ll be complete.” In a few short moments, Lee and I emerged from our home, and as always, the morning sights and sounds of PeopleVille filled our senses. For the most part, PeopleVille could best be described as a monstrous cavity within the earth’s crust. What was once a large empty space 300 years ago had become a thriving, breathing community of thousands. We called this largest cavern the Downtown. While PeopleVille does consist of many other smaller caves and grottos connected by a network of tunnels, the Downtown is the heart and soul of our society. Our home, like many others, was carved out of the stony walls that encompass the town. Situated a few stories above the rest of PeopleVille, we always had a great view of the sights and activi- ties of our little subterranean metropolis. The mornings in par- ticular were always a pleasant sight to behold. The artificial lights shining from the ceiling high above cast their rays off the min- eral deposits that lined the town’s walls and buildings, the under- ground pools, and the thousands of dripping stalactites, causing everything to glitter, gleam, and sparkle. It was all so breathtak- ing that it almost made you forget that most of what glittered, gleamed, and sparkled could kill you at any given moment: Sta- lactites had a nasty habit of suddenly dropping from the ceiling and skewering people, pools had the tendency to overflow and flood the tunnels, and, well, we know what mineral deposits can do. Still, it was all very lovely to look at. My attention shifted to the citizens of PeopleVille as they went about their normal morning activities. Some were traveling to various places of employment while others were returning home after working through the night. In the marketplace, people were buying and selling a variety of goods and produce. Toward the school, children were being herded into classrooms where they would receive a well-rounded subterranean education. “THE MOLE PEOPLE ARE COMING!” bellowed a half-naked man who ran down the street directly below us. “THE MOLE PEOPLE ARE COMING!”