GREGORY JAMES THE GREAT SCARE JAMES AND LEE An American Satire, Based on Soon-to-be Actual Events* Gregory James has woven an intricate analogy which foretells a frightening future where the very liberties that we so often neglect are taken away. James and Lee: The Great Scare opens our eyes to the profound need that we each possess to cherish those precious rights that have been given to us, and to be constantly on guard lest they are removed through our own carelessness and inaction. He ultimately demonstrates that the erosion of our rights will impact not just our immediate society, but also that of our children's as well. This book is a must read for those that are concerned about not just our liberties, but also the future of our society. David J. Bousquet, Pastor of the Cranesville Bible Church James and Lee: The Great Scare is an exciting, captivating story, full of intrigue and humor! I was instantly drawn into the story, and the characters kept me guessing with every turn of the page. Gregory James is definitely an author to keep an eye on- I am already eagerly awaiting his next novel! Lauren Mould, school teacher With a mixture of lighthearted fun and witty symbolism, James brings a touch of humor to many of today's divisive issues while also reinforcing the core principles on which the United States was founded. The Great Scare is a highly entertaining read that conveys a much-needed message for modern-day America. Nicholas Nowak, self-proclaimed librarian James and Lee: The Great Scare is truly a unique book. It’s not every day you come across a science-fictional, political satire, written allegorically. There is no real way to explain James and Lee, you just have to experience it for yourself! This is what conservative writing needs to look like for this generation. This is defiantly one for the big screen! Sara Hwang, elementary teacher I know James and Lee is a satire, but I feel it is more a book of prophecy. A must read for anyone who is concerned with the future of our nation. Greg Mayhew, oil and gas testing engineer Three hundred years after the destruction of the earth’s surface, James and Lee, two subterranean librarians, finalize their plans to travel back in time and correct the mistakes of the past. Just one thing is keeping them from fulfilling their dreams redemption — someone is stealing the town's most valuable possessions. ABOUT THE AUTHOR As a high school principal and history teacher, Gregory James has spent years teaching students and adults about the greatness of America. With his skill as a storyteller, James has taken his lessons out of the classroom and embodied them in tales of fiction for the everyday of American FICTION / ACTION & ADVENTURE eBook eAvailable as an JAMES AND LEE: THE GREAT SCARE GREGORY JAMES