K U WA I T I S E E K E R  27 I sealed the letter and headed off to the post. Returning to the dorm I caught sight of Dr. Allison as she was speeding away from the faculty lot in her Alfa Romeo. She was driving too fast. My mind wandered, allowing a brief relief from the Anna episode. Back in the dorm I went again to the Quran. I wanted to know what was right, as least for the evening. Was it the mathematics of the issue that failed or the law itself? And now there was the letter to Fatima: My Dear Mother, Perhaps my little niece can assist you with this letter. I am sorry to hear about the troubles you are having there with father and Suhayb. I will try to help when I return for a visit, but I cannot come until after this school year. You would be proud of me if you could see me now. I have completely altered my appearance and speech such that I might be mistaken for an American. My marks for the year from King’s College were the high- est among the history majors. I made many friends in London who will be forever close with me, much more so than my peers in Kuwait. Please do not worry about me here. I have found my professor here to be very helpful, and while she could never replace you, she is very motherly. You would consider her a kindred spirit. I am looking forward to my return next year. Much Love, Yacoub