KUWAITI SEEKER JIM CARROLL FICTION / RELIGIOUS “Jim Carroll's extensive experiences gained from living in the Middle East …give him a unique platform to tell this story of a Kuwaiti Seeker. …This is a riveting novel that will not only hold your interest but will teach you much about comparative religion.” Rev. Michael Hearon, 1st Presbyterian Church, Augusta, Georgia, Interim Senior Pastor, Campus Outreach National Leadership Team “Dr. Carroll draws from his rich experience as a child neurologist, both in the U.S. and in Kuwait, to tell a story of inner conflict as a young Kuwaiti searches for the truth and is found by it. The novel briskly moves …we discover much about Islam, history, the universal human condition, and the universal need for a Savior. I heartily recommend this work.” Jerry A. Miller, Jr. MD, author of The Burden of Being Champ: The Dropout, The Legend, and The Pediatrician. “This compelling story chronicles the struggles of one who loses everything including his self-respect only to triumph through his faith in God.” Tom Swift, Former Neurology Chair, Professor Emeritus, Medical College of Georgia eBook eAvailable as an KUWAITI SEEKER JIM CARROLL Jim and family served as missionaries in Kuwait. He was held hostage in the US Embassy in Kuwait during the Iraq invasion (Faith in Crisis – How God Shows Up When You Need Him Most). He has worked and traveled extensively in the Middle East (website: www.allfaithsoil.com). Yacoub sought truth in Islam. He failed. Islam failed. BUT GOD… Despite Quranic guidance, Yacoub fell in his sin and the lack of Islamic remedy. God saved Yacoub anyway. Learn how God saves sinners even when they don’t seek Him. From Yacoub’s experiences, see how much God loves you.