Praise from Readers This compelling story chronicles the struggles of one who loses everything including his self-respect only to triumph through his faith in God. Tom Swift, Former Chair and Professor Emeritus, Department of Neurology, Medical College of Georgia Kuwaiti Seeker is a great read, journeying with the protagonist through his years of personal, moral, and spiritual struggles. Dr. Carroll insightfully delved into the complexities of Islam. It was engaging, and confirms that “if not for the grace of God,” where would we be? Dr. Doreen Hung Mar Mission to the World Medical Associate Missionary Kuwaiti Seeker is an insightful and exciting tale about a young Muslim man who questions the practices in Islam. The novel is a wonderful resource for Westerners who seek to understand the Muslim response to Christian outreach efforts. Spanning almost half a century, the author accurately details the events, not only in the life of the main character, but also skillfully integrates an important era in the history of Kuwait. Dr. John Kaddis, US Physician, raised in the Middle East