VI  J I M C A R R O L L Jim Carroll’s extensive experiences gained from living in the Middle East, and his personal knowledge gained from working with people from all types of cultural and religious backgrounds, gives him a unique platform to tell this story of a Kuwaiti Seeker. He has crafted a dramatic picture of what happens when West meets East, Islam meets Christianity and humanity meets God. This is a riveting novel that will not only hold your interest but will teach you much about comparative religion. As an academic professor at a teaching hospital, he has perfected an ability to teach by narrative. Rev. Michael Hearon Interim Senior Pastor, First Presbyterian Church, Augusta Campus Outreach National Leadership Team Dr. Carroll draws from his rich experience as a child neurologist, both in the U.S. and in Kuwait, to tell a story of inner conflict as a young Kuwaiti searches for the truth and is found by it. The novel briskly moves to its surprising conclusion and as it does, we discover much about Islam, history, the universal human con- dition, and the universal need for a Savior. I heartily recommend this work. Jerry A. Miller, Jr. MD, author of The Burden of Being Champ: The Dropout, The Legend, and The Pediatrician. The characters feel real and touchable…Jim Carroll carefully weaves a web through the various complexities of life, academia, geopolitics and the inner workings of Muslim families… I found this book to be both educational, engaging and a delight to read. Jeremy Rueggeberg, Owner and Publisher of Behind the Fountain Magazine and Augusta Medical Professionals Magazine