b'2|RODOLFO E. SUBIETATo Phil Howard, my former district sales man-ager, for encouraging the creation of the original workshop; and to Janet Rowley and Nikki Hall for trustingly requesting that Sid and I present the workshop to their respective sales districts, thus providing us with the opportunity to try the principles in real time. To Marcie Downing and Linda Fogle, also for-mercolleagues,forkindlysharingtheirexpe-riences and wisdom on how to deal effectively with the special challenges that women encoun-ter in their business careers.Along those lines, I am lovingly grateful to my daughtersMonica,Erika,Karina,andKrystina for sharing with me their professional successes as well as their struggles. They are an inspiration to me and continue to teach me the meaning of fatherhood.To my dear friends and former customers Al Bartlett(RIP),L.E.CorkyMelass,andAlex Napoles Sr., who were an inspiration for writing the Second Principle of this book. ToNormanGoldenberg,aformercustom-er, who at the start of my sales career gave me theopportunitytofollowoneofhisworking crews and to temporarily become one of them. I learned invaluable lessons that not only served'