b'THE MARATHON SALESPERSON|3me well through my career but later became part of this book. Im also thankful to him for provid-ing insightful suggestions for the completion of the manuscript.To Liliana, my wife and life partner, for dem-onstrating throughout the years of our marriage that synergy, a concept I discuss extensively in this book, is indeed real and possible in a rela-tionship. For granting me with infinite patience, thespaceandcountlesshoursthatittookto research,formulatetheideas,andwritethem down.Forconstantlywatchingmybackand helping uncover my blind spots through my sales career.To Dr. Larry I. Bone, wherever he may be, my former mentor and research supervisor at Dow Chemical, for helping me to see the bridges that connect science and spirituality, a concept I use inthisbook,andforbelievingthatascientist could become a successful salesman. ToErikaSubieta,averyspecialthanks,for taking the time to read the manuscript when it wasstillhalf-bakedandtemporarilyparalyzed by writers block; for seeing from a lawyers per-spectivethattheprincipleswereapplicableto professions other than sales. Her encouragement'