b'4|RODOLFO E. SUBIETAhelped me more than she knows to come out of my writers block. Amostcherishedaccomplishmentofmy salescareerwasthecocreationoftheSchool ofStructuralFumigationinFortLauderdale, FL, an example of cooperation among industry competitorsthatisdiscussedasaprinciplein this book. This collective achievement wouldnt havebeenpossiblewithouttheinvolvement and continuous outpouring of energy, time, and resourcesfromnumerousunnamedpeopleat Broward Community College and the University of Florida. I wish to thank them all and further acknowledgethefollowingpeoplefortheir unique contributions: mentor and founding di-rectorDougPalmer;currentdirectorandpro-moter Renny Perez; cofounder, curriculum de-veloper, and instructor Dr. Ellen Thoms; original instructor and University of Florida liaison Dr. Rudi Scheffrahn. Also, my gratitude to the fol-lowing instructorssome of which my competi-torswho year after year volunteered their time tomaketheFumigationSchoolhappen:Sean Brantley, Dr. William Kern, Steve Niedzwiedzki, Eric Hobelmann, Jeff Edwards, Larry Riggs, and Jorge Moreno.'