b'8|RODOLFO E. SUBIETAignore the first two, for it would be foolish and deceitfultopretendthatashoddysnake-oil product or service can be sold sustainably just by having good customer relationships. There are many parallels between running a successfulmarathonandachievingsustainable success as a salesperson in the long run. In both endeavors, we must undertake crucially impor-tant preparation; and in both, there are principles thatgovernourperformancephysically,men-tally, and socially. Principles come in three main varieties: those that tell us what to do, those that tell us what not do (or what we shouldnt do), and those that simply state a truth.How well we abide by, and master these prin-ciples determine our success or failure. In this book, I will present a foundational principle fol-lowedbyasetofsixenduringprinciplesthat build on one another and work together holisti-cally at obtaining long-term, sustainable results. Each chapter is devoted to one of these princi-ples. As a whole, they are designed to show you how to prepare for and then deal with the many facets and challenges you will face in your mara-thon sales journey.Throughoutthenarrativeofthisbook,you will see a recurrent theme: my quest to provide'