b'THE MARATHON SALESPERSON|9scientific, historical, and spiritual contexttime-tested wisdomto the principles presented. Let me relate the evolution of what gave birth to this three-dimensional approach. Earlyinmylife,Ifoundthatsciencecould providesatisfyinganswerstomostday-to-day questions. In fact, I discovered that science was anexquisiteandprecisetoolthat,whenused methodically, could lead you to the understand-ing of basic fundamental truths. I also found sci-entificadvancestobetrulyuniversal.Apolio vaccine will protect a child from death or crip-pling existence whether the child is white, black, brown, or Inuit. And a light bulb will illuminate a person reading the Bible the same as one read-ing the Koran, or the Wall Street Journal. This led me to the pursuit and attainment of a degree of Bachelor of Science from college. After gradua-tion, I started my career as a science teacher at a high school. Subsequently, I worked in cancer research and, later, in the field of biological puri-fication of water. Later on, even when my career took me into the field of sales and marketing, I foundthatthemajorityofchallengesIwould encounter, could be solved or benefited by the use of a scientific approach. To this date, I am a science practitioner, and I continue to believe'