b'THE MARATHON SALESPERSON|11observation came to the rescue. It was histori-cal observation that revealed unequivocally the fact that most scientific advances had been and can be used for both good and destructive pur-poses.Scienceitselfisblindlyunconcernedin this respect. It became almost an obsession of mine to find out if there was any remedy for this dichotomous condition. If we were to avert the destructive uses of science, we desperately need-edasortofCollectiveConsciencePrinciple. I discovered that I was not alone in this quest. From time immemorial, sages and philosophers have observed and have wrestled with this issue. I suppose from the very first time that humans discovered that they could tie a sharp stone to a stick and make an axe that could help them to obtain food, but also to crack the skull of anoth-er human being. Thus, what I call a Collective ConsciencePrinciple(CCP)slowlybeganto evolve and continues to evolve to guide humans on how to avert harmful or destructive uses of technology, and basically how to get along bet-ter with each other. On the surface, the principle hasnt been foolproof, and there were times in human history when it seemed that it failed mis-erably to avert widespread human destructive-nesstowardsoneanother.Yet,timeandtime'