b'PRAISE FOR The Marathon SalespersonItwasmypleasureandprivilegetoknowand work with Rodolfo Subieta in the past, and I con-tinue to learn from his insights into customer re-lationships. His book is a step beyond the three Ps (Product, Price, and Promotion) of selling, into the more important aspects of establishing andmaintainingtherelationshipsthatleadto ongoing sales. His organic approach to relation-ship building will benefit the reader in both pro-fessional and personal interactions.Sid FunkSenior DirectorBusiness DevelopmentMassey ServicesI really liked the six principles presented in the book. It was refreshing to see knowledge from fields such as physics, anthropology, and biology brought to bear in a book about sales. The eclec-tic references kept my attention while not dis-tracting from the books main principles. Hard-nosed business types might scratch their heads at it, but thats good if it impacts the reverence often paid to dog-eat-dog competition debunked'