b'22|RODOLFO E. SUBIETAThe habit will take its toll in terms of decreasing performance,leadingtostrainedrelationships and, eventually, even to a total collapse of our capacity to produce.As you can see, the importance of understand-ing the concept of trustworthiness and all the fac-tors that increase or decrease its value cannot be overstated.This brings me to another influential thinker andauthorwhoIvealreadymentioned.Iam grateful to Stephen Covey, who was a pioneer in the application of principle-based behavior to our private lives and to our public and business inter-actions. Many of the concepts presented in this book evolved from his work and from my own understating of the principles he formulated. In his seminal book,The 7 Habits of Highly Effec-tive People, he explains that principles are funda-mental truths. They remain unchangeable even thoughourunderstatingofthemmaychange over time. They do not seek our approval. We can ignore them at our own peril4.Inthisintroduction,Ihavepresentedsome basic, preliminary concepts and universal prin-ciples that should be considered as a foundation for what comes next. In the chapters that follow,'