b'This book will take you on a multidimensional journey through science, history, and ancient wisdom, revealing six enduring principles that govern the establishment and nurturing of lasting sales relationships. Being universal, they will benefit readers in all occupations, but especially sales professionals desiring to create a stream of sustainable sales for the long run. The principles come alive with practical examples of how to apply them to the modern marketplace, to multiply the salespersons value, to deal effectively with competition, the Internet, the challenges posed by gender differences, and to overcome the heartbreak hills of the journey.I continue to learn from R. Subietas insights into customer relationships. His organic approach to relationship building will benet the reader in both professional and personal interactions. -Sid FunkSenior DirectorBusiness Development, Massey ServicesIt was refreshing to see knowledge from elds such as physics, anthropology, and biology brought to bear in a book about sales. I also liked the broadening of love in the Second Principle to include so much that is important in effective customer relations. -Joe ReedholmOwner and Entrepreneur, Reedholm Instruments, Inc.Subieta cares about the science and philosophy behind selling, building strong relationships, rebuilding bruised or broken relationships, and also knowing when to say no. This book offers a unique and colorful approach to the universe of selling. -Bruce Jacobs,Sales Manager, Teleos Ag SolutionsAbout the AuthorRodolfo Subieta started his career as a scientist working for Baylor College of Medicine doing cancer research and later for Dow Chemical as an environmental biochemist. In 1984, Mr. Subieta changed career paths accepting a transfer into sales and marketing, where he served for 27 years in several roles, all involving relationship selling, communications, and marketing. During this time, he co-created a workshop to train young salespersons using universal principles. This book is based on that workshop, and on his 36-year combined experience in science, sales, and teaching.Mr. Subieta is currently a consultant in the eld of Relationship Selling.BUSINESS & ECONOMICS/CUSTOMER RELATIONS'