b'in the Fifth Principlesuch competitive behav-ior leaves all of us poorer. I also liked the broad-ening of love in the Second Principle to include so much that is important in effective customer relations.Joe ReedholmOwner and EntrepreneurReedholm Instruments, Inc.I like the informal style and mix of personal an-ecdotes and authoritative citations. It is an easy read, making it a great candidate for a quick and helpful primer on selling.Dr. Richard DownesIndependent Researcher and ConsultantFormer Sales Director for Latin American and Caribbean, DetecomTheMarathonSalespersonincludesRodolfo Subietas thoughtful reflections on what can help salespeoplebecomeevenmoresuccessful.He lays an excellent framework for the selling pro-cess, reinforcing the importance of deeply un-derstanding a customers needs and wants, which is critical for a long-term partnership with that client. Honesty, drive, passion, and compassion'