2  J I M TAY L O R gift of life, the gift of love, and they had been given everything their Father owned. At that time the world was perfect. It was in perfect harmony with itself and with the Creator, and all the earth was at peace. There were no such things as disease, illness, disaster, pain, or ag- ing, because there was no sin and there was no death. There was no violence because at that time, Adam and Eve and the entire animal world were all vegetarians—they ate nothing but fruits and vegetables (Genesis 1:29–30). Therefore, nothing had to die so an animal could become food for something larger, stronger, or smarter than they were. That made life for Adam and Eve very comfortable and very simple. All they had to do every day was “to dress and to keep” the garden, which gave them something to do (Genesis 2:15). They were also to have children to replenish the earth with their own kind (Genesis 1:28). That would give them plenty to do. They were to enjoy the garden, and every day they would walk and talk with their Father who had given them the garden, and who had given them life. They had perfect fellowship with God, their Father (Genesis 3:8–9). What more could they ask for? So what happened? This world in which we live is subject to many threatening things—earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, terrible hurricanes and storms, famines, plagues, fires, floods, pestilence, wars, poverty, pain, disappointments, and even the violence of evil men who love to kill and destroy. All of those things came into the world by the trespass of just one man. Also, both physi- cal death and spiritual death were caused by the trespass of that same man. His name was Adam. Death is the king of terrors (Job 18:14). Death is the last enemy of God, and it shall be abolished forever by the second coming of Jesus and the general resurrec- tion of all the dead. After that transpires, there shall never again be any such thing as death. All of those terrible things mentioned above came into a perfect and peaceful world by Adam’s sin. Romans 5:12 says, “Therefore,