4  J I M TAY L O R they rebelled against God when they ate of the fruit of his tree. That day they suffered spiritual death by being driven away from the presence of God and from their beautiful garden (Genesis 3:22–24). They also suffered physical death because that day their bodies started to grow old and decay, and it was some 930 years later that Adam experienced physical death (Genesis 5:5). It is impossible for us to even imagine how God felt the day that happened, for God did not only lose his children, but he also lost his entire human family and his whole creation. Adam and Eve stood condemned because of their disobedience, and the en- tire world that God made and had given to them was condemned with them (Romans 8:18–23). They and the entire creation in which they lived were all one united entity. Therefore, when any part of it became defiled, it all became corrupt, and the only cor- rection for such a disaster was the complete annihilation of ev- erything God had created. If ever we should feel sorry for God, and maybe even pray for God, it should be because of that day, for that was the day when God’s world just completely fell apart. God has the same feelings and emotions we have because he is the one who gave us ours. When God’s world falls apart, just as our world seems at times to fall apart, God hurts the same way we hurt because he has the same feelings and emotions that we have (Genesis 6:5–8). For a person to see the devastation that Adam’s sin caused, they should read Romans 5:12–21. However, that passage of Scripture also declares the correction for Adam’s sin and how his sin and all of its consequences were annulled by the free gift: the forgive- ness of sin and eternal life through the cross of God’s Son who is called Jesus. Romans 6:23 says, “For the wages of sin is death; but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” It is tragic that when most people read Romans 5:12–21, and es- pecially members of the Roman Catholic Church, that they see only the first part of those verses that express Adam’s trespass and its devastating consequences. That is what causes them to