8  J I M TAY L O R the consequence of Adam’s trespass and immediately restore life to those who had been threatened with condemnation and death because of Adam’s trespass. That message of encourage- ment and hope appears in the second part of each verse of those Scriptures. The free gift was established by Jesus and his cross. Therefore, those two messages are diametrically opposed to each other—they are exact opposites. Paul wrote, “But not as the tres- pass, so also is the free gift. For if by the trespass of the one the many died, much more did the grace of God, and the gift by the grace of the one man, Jesus Christ, abound unto the many” (Ro- mans 5:15). Therefore, when a person reads the first part of the verses of Scripture in Romans 5:12–21, they are viewing the con- demnation and the devastation that Adam’s sin caused. When a person reads the second part of those Scriptures, they are seeing the power of the cross that completely canceled Adam’s sin, an- nulled its consequences, and took it all away. In Romans 5:12–21, the message of Jesus’ free gift is just as prev- alent as the message of doom and despair that was caused by Adam’s trespass, but the message of hope, joy, peace, and the salvation that Jesus offers to all men by his free gift is much more powerful. It is that message of hope and joy in Romans 5:12–21 that is the “much more” that many—including the Roman Catho- lic Church—fail to see. All that most people see when they read Romans 5:12–21 is the message of doom and despair, and that is so very sad. Romans 5:12–21 is the Scripture passage the Roman Catholic Church uses to teach (correctly) that Adam condemned himself, the whole creation, and the entire human race when he sinned. But that is also the same passage of Scripture that the Roman Catholic Church uses to require little babies to be baptized. I be- lieve the Catholic Church’s view to be correct as far as teaching that God threatened to condemn the entire creation because of Adam’s transgression, but the teaching that little babies must be sprinkled with water when they are born or they will perish is