T H E P O W E R O F T H E C R O S S  9 not reasonable, and it is far from the truth. Little babies have no sin, they have not sinned, and they are not held accountable for the trespass that Adam committed (Matthew 18:2–6). If that doctrine were true, little babies would be lost through no fault of their own; they would perish because someone failed to take them to a priest and have them sprinkled with water. The condemnation that God pronounced against the world be- cause of Adam’s trespass never actually fell upon the human fam- ily, and it certainly did not fall upon little babies. It immediately fell upon one Man: Jesus. Adam’s sin was immediately nailed to the cross of Jesus the very moment it was committed. Therefore, not one person (and that certainly includes little babies) has ever been held accountable for Adam’s trespass, nor shall any person ever be held accountable for what Adam did—that is, except Je- sus. Jesus took the full responsibility for Adam’s trespass upon himself, and he paid for all the damage Adam’s sin caused with the blood of his cross. Therefore, all men shall be held account- able only for their own sins—the sins that they themselves com- mit—when they reach the age of accountability. In the Old Testa- ment the age of accountability was twenty years old (Numbers 14:28–32). The conservative churches, such as the Churches of Christ and other conservative Christian denominations, believe that Adam’s sin never condemned little babies or anyone else in the human population. They believe it would be totally contrary to God and his righteousness for the Almighty to hold an innocent per- son accountable for the trespass of another man. Therefore, the conservative view of Romans 5:12–21 is that babies do not have to be baptized until they grow up and are held accountable for their own sins, which is absolutely true and correct, but it is true only because of the cross. If there had been no cross, then all men—and that includes little babies—would have been forever held captive in the bondage of death because of Adam’s trespass. If there had been no cross, there could be no resurrection, and