The Power Cross Unveiled Revealed Jesus of the and in JIM TAYLOR Romans 5:12-21 is central to understanding the Christian theology of forgiveness and justification through Jesus Christ. This work looks at that key theological concept and helps to explain the depths of its meaning. The reader will dive into the depths of God’s redemptive power in the sacrifice of his Son Jesus to remove sin that was introduced into the world by one man, Adam, and removed by God’s righteousness by one man, Jesus. The reader will be challenged to think more deeply. — Lynn McMillon, Ph.D. Distinguished Professor of Bible, Oklahoma Christian University In this book Jim thoughtfully and in great detail ties together the eternal arc of Adam’s original sin and its repercussions, Jesus’ annulment of that sin on the cross, the promise of the establishment of a new heaven and earth and the necessary response of those living in today’s world. But in doing so he also presents intriguing theses on some smaller story lines, including but not limited to why Joseph died before Jesus’ ministry, the possibility of the presence of animals in heaven, an incarnation of the Word prior to Jesus and what actually transpired in the days between the placement of Jesus’ body in the tomb and his resurrection. These “side” discussions bring humanity to the Bible and make it more relatable to those seeking to understand. Jim states, “We always need to be ready and willing to change our way of thinking about how we interpret the Bible when we see there is a possibility we might be wrong in our way of thinking.” The Power of the Cross may help you do just that. — Debra Archibald, Writer, Editor, Owner of Pikes Peak Pen, LLC Jim Taylor’s latest book, The Power of the Cross, is a reflection on the sin of Adam and the atonement of Jesus. Free of technical jargon, this book offers a clear window into Jim’s understanding of Scripture, history, and theology. Jim writes candidly and forcefully about a topic of great importance. His love for the church and concern for the truth are readily apparent in this book. — Parker Bullard, Poncha Springs Church of Christ This book will help the reader to understand and appreciate the depth of God’s amazing plan for how the sacrifice of Jesus, God’s only son, would save mankind. God had created a perfect world. The book’s author details the account of how sin came into the world and how the power of the cross; the crucifixion and the resurrection of Jesus, could save mankind. This book is thought provoking and readers will be benefited by the exhaustive research and the logical, concise manner in which this vitally important subject is presented. — Ian B. Stewart, MS, DVM, Lieutenant Colonel, USAR, retired and elder, Mountain View Church of Christ, Buena Vista, CO Jim left a high stress job in electronics to find peace of mind as a minister in the Church Christ. Jim preached for the same church in Colorado for 24 years, and that is what prompted the writing of this book that reveals the meaning of Romans 5:12-21. When Adam sinned his trespass condemned the entire creation and caused the reign of death to rule over all men. Jesus’ death on the cross annulled Adam’s sin, abolished the reign of death, and established the perfect reign of eternal life to bless all men (Romans 5:12–21). eBook eAvailable as an RELIGION / BIBLICAL COMMENTARY / NEW TESTAMENT The Power of the Cross Unveiled and Revealed in Jesus JIM TAYLOR ONE MAN SINNED AND ALL MEN DIED — ANOTHER MAN DIED SO ALL MIGHT LIVE