ThisbookwillhelpthereadertounderstandandappreciatethedepthofGod’s amazing plan for how the sacrifice of Jesus, God’s only son, would save man- kind. Godhadcreatedaperfectworld. Thebook’sauthordetailstheaccount of how sin came into the world and how the power of the cross; the crucifix- ion and the resurrection of Jesus, could save mankind. This book is thought provoking and readers will be benefited by the exhaustive research and the logical, concise manner in which this vitally important subject is presented. —Ian B. Stewart, MS, DVM, Lieutenant Colonel, USAR, retired and elder, Mountain View Church of Christ, Buena Vista, CO Romans 5:12-21 has always been difficult, you have found a way to make it understandable. We find it excellent in every aspect and we are sure it will be a valued essay to this complex, less understood New Testament passage. You have included important key biblical justification for your conclusion. We strongly believe that your work will be most helpful to those new in Christ although it is a deep study that mature Christians will also enjoy. We recommend it for those looking for a fresh way of seeing His Word. —Nash Huerta, elder, Ina Road Church of Christ, Tucson, Arizona, and Rosemarie Huerta, followers of the Lord throughout 64 years in His Kingdom