b'ARE YOU SIMPLY GOING THROUGHDEIRDRE REILLY THE PRETEND CHRISTIANTHE MOTIONS WHEN IT COMES TOYOUR FAITHAND IS THERE MORE?Modern life is complicated and challenging, and people need truthful answers to fundamental questions like never before. The Pretend Christian is THE FIRST book you should read if youre considering Christianity, or feel your faith is on life support. Packed with realistic guidance for both the questioning and the professing Christian alike, this uninchingly honest, funny, and heart-wrenchingTHEaccount of a vibrant quest for Christ offers a roadmap for anyone ready to journey to the truth.Doing a show about Christ, Ive been introduced to every denomination out there, and Ive been thrilledPRETENDto see people unite when discussing the stories of Christ, and dismayed to see them divide when insisting on their denominations. This is a great book at the perfect time, and more than that, its IMPORTANT. CHRISTIANDallas Jenkins, Creator, The ChosenThe reader is immediately taken with author Deirdre Reilly as she describes her compelling faith journey. This book is refreshing, honest, forthright, and engrossing. TRAVELING BEYONDKathleen Kennedy Townsend, Former lieutenant governor of Maryland and author of "Failing America\'s Faithful: How Today\'s Churches Are Mixing God with Politics and Losing Their Way DENOMINATION TOTHE TRUE JESUSDeirdre Reilly\'s writing voice is that of a dear and trusted friend. The Pretend Christian is her love letterDEIRDRE REILLYto God and to the Anam Cara, or soul friend that dwells in the heart of every seeker and believer. This little book is a bracing, candid, but also deeply humorous work of pastoral theology and spiritual direction, written in the tradition of Merton, Nouwen and Dorothy Day. Reilly shows us that the voice of God can be heard as a roar or as a whisper, in a messy kitchen while surrounded by dirty diapers or while standing face to face with God at the top of Mount Carmel. All we need to do is listen.Gerard O\'Sullivan, Ph.D., CEO of Corvus Education, LLC and visiting professor of higher education at Wilmington UniversityI found myself laughing, getting choked up, nodding my head in approval, pausing to reect, and just feeling good about a real and honest account of the struggles and joys of life and faith. If you\'re looking for candor and a sincere heart, this book has both! I strongly recommend it!Fr. Jeffrey F. Kirby, STD, Pastor and author of Thy Kingdom Come: Living the Lord\'s Prayer inEveryday LifeDeirdre Reilly is a writer whose work has appeared in many print and digital publications, including CBN.com, FoxNews.com, DallasNews.com, and the Boston Herald. She has also been on radio and television sharing her views on faith, society, and family life.RELIGION/CHRISTIAN LIFE/PERSONAL GROWTH The Pretend Christian introduces the reader to the reality of relationship over religion. A now generation message of great value; a pearl of great price.Alveda King'