b'AY ONEDINTRODUCTION What shall I do, Lord?Acts 22:10 KJVAll heaven lies before the grasp of the asking manCharles SpurgeonT he question glared at me from the screen as I awaited the mornings keynote speaker. Id never heard of Ben Nemtin but judging by the roar of the audience as he ap-proached the platform, I was the only one.With great passion and poise, Ben shared the epic story of how, following a serious battle with depression and through a series of unlikely events, he and three friends got together to cre-ate a television show, The Buried Life. Inspired by a line in an old poem, the show consisted of four guys with an old video camera and an even older van who embarked on a quest to answer one simple question:What do you want to do before you die?Together the friends made a checklist of random and seem-inglyimpossiblethingstheydliketoaccomplishbeforethey died. What began as a journey of four college-age guys getting todosomereallycoolstuffsoonbecamemuchbiggerthan themselves.'