b'2CALLIE DARUKMoved by people they met along the way with dreams and needs as big as their own, they made a decision that changed ev-erything. For every item they crossed off their own bucket lists, they were going to find someone else and help them cross some-thing off theirs.I joined in the crowds laughter and shared in their tears as Ben told tale after tale of touching heart after heart. Armed with little more than sheer will, determination, and persistence, they watched the impossible become possible one story at a time.As Ben continued, my heartbeat sped. Again, he asked:What do you want to do before you die?I heard his thought-provoking question but, in my heart, I im-mediately heard a more personal one. Callie, what do I want you to do before you die?Though an inaudible whisper, I recognized Gods voice and I heard his question loud and clear. Just that morning in quiet time hed posed a similar one.Callie, what did I call you to do?You called me to write the book, Lord.So, lets write it.Three years earlier Id started writing my memoir but, as it has a way of doing, self-doubt creeped in and I set my manu-script aside. Reliving the trauma of the past coupled with the un-certainty that anyone would want to read what I had to say inevi-tably caused my flow of words to wane. As the Lord gently spoke to my heart that morning, I had no idea that he was preparing me for the speech I was about to hear. Before a standing ovation and a barrage of cheers, Ben asked his question one last time. What do you want to do before you die?'