b'WHAT DOES GOD WANT YOU TO DO BEFORE YOU DIE? 3And, one last time, my heart heard:What does God want you to do before you die?Plastered on a wall in the back of the room were dozens of fill-in-the-blank sentences that audience members were given the opportunity to complete.Before I die, I want to __________.Without hesitation I grabbed the dry erase marker and wrote, Write the book. God and I both knew what book. And, though the marks were erasable, somehow seeing it on that board made my commitment permanent. From the corner of my eye I saw Ben standing in front of the wall smiling and posing with people. I made my way towards him and the photographer snapped a photo of us. I shook Bens hand and thanked him knowing the image hed left on my heart would outlive any photo. The question followed me, and for days I could think of little else. Each morning as Id read my Bible, verses related to time glowed from the page. In news headlines, on the television, and in conversations, signs of the times surrounded me as I fought for a reason not to ask myself this important question and make my own list. The same signs are surrounding you and I imagine you feel them too. I hear your hearts cry to accomplish the dreams and the callings God has purposed for your lifebut I also hear its excuses:Its too late.Im too old.Ive messed up too badly. Ive done _____________________ so God cant use me.I hear them so clearly because theyre joining the choir of my own. When my children were young there were plenty of foul odors to go around, but one of the worst smells I noticed was when'