b'8CALLIE DARUKFor Ben and his friends, writing down what they wanted to ac-complish was essentialbut the most important step they made was to do something. Unlike many of my planned endeavors, they took action. I knew the question that had been burning in my heart since hearing Bens speech, but I hadnt actually asked it. What do you want me to do before I die, Lord?Thoughts and ideas came to my mind as I asked him, and I began writing them down. Rome wasnt built in a day, so I started with what I knew: finishing the book. But that would mean Id have to take it seriously; Id need to start making some goals and setting some deadlines.Rome also wasnt built alone, so I decided to reach out to oth-ers. While browsing my Facebook profile one day, I noticed my friend count. Maybe they can help me.Determined to finish what I knew God had called me to do, I made a bold step: I posted my manuscript word count along with a commitment of writing five hundred words per day and three thousand words per week. Each week I posted my word count and asked for prayer as I worked towards my goal. I didnt want this dream to stay a dream. More importantly, I knew God didnt either. Callie, do you want to write a book?If someone were to have asked me that, my answer wouldve been a resounding yes. However, with pleasing myself and the satisfaction of accomplishing a goal as my sole motivation, Im notsureitwouldveevergottendone.Thereslittledoubtit wouldve just been added to my growing log of unfinished tasks.Callie, does God want you to write a book? That sole question led to the completion of my thirty-thou-sand-word memoir in only a matter of weeks. What changed?'