b'WHAT DOES GOD WANT YOU TO DO BEFORE YOU DIE? 9For one, my motivation. My dream shifted to my calling, and it was no longer optional. Secondly, fueled by the knowledge that as Christians we are called to action, how could I not write? If actions dont follow our faith, it is useless. If actions do not follow our callings, what good will come of them? I know you have dreams and I know how badly you want to see them realized. I know you have gifts and talents and I want to see you using them. More importantly, so does God.After taking a long, hard look inside ourselves, lets take a long, hard look around us. Life is not getting any easier and hearts are not getting any softer. How many hearts could be waiting to be softened by your calling? Eventually, lifes hourglass will empty, but this one we cant flip over with the flick of the wrist and restart. If we fail to act, the impact of our lives will be even smaller than that of our vain words. Beginning today, at the end of each devotion youll notice a section entitled Called to Action. Here youll find some tough questions, some provoking thoughts, and most importantly, a call to action. As we journey together through this book, this section will be critical. This is where the rubber meets the road, where the pen meets the paper, and hopefully where our feet hit the pavement. Each day is designed to build on the others so that by the time you finish this book you will have met two important goals:1. Know one thing (perhaps more, but at least one) that God wants you to do before you die.2. Be actively working towards accomplishing it. Its going to take honesty and courage. It may require you to step out of your comfort zone, but as you do, dear friend, know that you will not go it alone.'