b'12CALLIE DARUKstars shimmered and pointed the way to their creatorthe God I always believed existed and held answers to questions I didnt quite know how to ask. Belonging. A glimpse into the earliest memories of my life reminded me I always craved a sense of belonging. Acceptance.InanepicexperimentfilledwithfailuresIdliketofor-get,thesearchforacceptanceduringmyadolescenceproved unsuccessful.Purpose.Like a buried treasure Id stumble upon one day, purpose elud-ed me throughout most of my adult life. In job after job, I sought for meaning. Desperatelyat times too desperatelyI wanted to matter. I know you do too. Without understanding and believing in our significance, we will never be able resolve the question we picked up this book to answer. If we dont believe we have a purposeif we dont believe we matterour question wont either. One of my go-to chapters for remembering my worth is Psalm 139. When my insecurities scream loudly, these verses drown them out. When I feel no one really knows me, David says of God: Lord, you have searched me and known me.God knows me.When I feel no one really understands me, David says of God: You understand my thoughts from far away.'