b'WHAT DOES GOD WANT YOU TO DO BEFORE YOU DIE? 19Though we may often feel as ordinary as grass, we each serve a tremendous purpose. As grass will see its end, so will we, Dear One.Perhapswevefelt(andevenappearedtoothers)dried up and unrecoverable, but weve just been dormant. We can-not know when we will vanish like the grass and wither from the earth, but we can decide what we will look like while we are still here. Will we water ourselves with Gods Word and be lush and useful? Or will we do nothing, believing the lie that were dead and useless, when were really just in a state of dormancy? If youve picked up this book, you are clearly not dead, friend. So chin up. Theres still time.Called to ActionAsk:Is the grass of my life lush and green or dry and dingy?Am I dormant? If yes, what is one step I can take right now to water the dry places of my heart?These questions are so much bigger than you and me, but they must still be asked. After questioning your own heart, ask God the very same questions. That step is vital and helps us get to the heart of the issue. The Holy Spirit will guide us into truth, with-out which we will remain in our state of dormancy. Continue Asking:What does God want me to do before I die? Begin personalizing this question. God, what do you want me to do before I die?'