b"KNOW YOUR Purpose. WHAT DOES GOD WANT YOU TO DO BEFORE YOU DIE? Challenging, convicting, and ultimatelyenriching. youll find it inspiring!LIVE YOUR Purpose. - Jerry B. Jenkins, Novelist & Biographer Through her own struggle to find purpose, Callie Daruk opens ourW H A T D O E Seyes to the urgency offulfilling our callings. These 30 devotionalsGodare designed to help you discover at least one thing God wants you to do and launch you toward accomplishing it.Sharing the most intense moments of her life with frankness and courage, Callie offers all of us glimpses into the frailty of life and the victory of faith in the midstW A N T Y O U T Oof it all. An inspiring, emotional, and hopeful devotional for anyone who needs a new sense of purpose for their life.Gina Adams, founder of The Adams Group Public Relations and Marketing Like a dear friend should, Callie gently nudges and directs us throughD O B E F O R Escripture to help us discover what God has purposed us to do. If you are desperate to have your life transformed to be used for His glory - you need to read this book. It will not disappoint.Y O U D I E ?Dawn Owens, award-winning author and speakerSometimes we're so busy living our lives that we forget to think about the purpose of our lives. Callie Daruk's book What Does God Want You to Do Before You Die? gives a poignant reminder that God does have a plan for us, and her thoughtful stories, tips, and questions will empower us to fulfill that plan.Michelle Cox, award-winning author of the When God Calls the Heart series and Just 18 SummersCallie Daruk is an award-winning author and speaker who encourages others to seek Christ withCALLIE DARUKtheir whole heart. She is the founder of Rooted & Grounded, LLC. Her writing has appeared in Focus on the Family, Kids Clubhouse, The Upper Room, and more. Connect with her at calliedaruk.com. 3 0 D E V O T I O N S T O H E L P Y O U B E G I NL I V I N G Y O U R P U R P O S ERELIGION/BIBLICAL MEDITATIONS/GENERALC A L L I E D A R U K"