b'Praise for What Does God Want You to do Before You Die?We are grateful that Callie Daruk has responded to the divine whisper to pen this book, What Does God Want You to Do Before You Die? Her gripping personal story written skillfully in these pages, and how she was prompted to tell it, will inspire others to use their gifts to testify of Gods guidance and goodness.-Steve & Annie Chapman, award-winning musicians and authors of more than forty books, including A Look at Life from a Deer Stand, The Hunters Cookbook, and the Mother-In-Law Dance. With her conversational writing style, Callie Daruk makes her-self transparent as she invites us into her life and challenges us to inspect our own lives. Joining her on a journey of prayer and introspection, we must answer for ourselves what God wants us to do with our lives, and then, with her guidance and encourage-ment, we turn those dreams and goals into reality.-Sharon Wilharm - Christian Filmmaker, Inspirational Speaker, and Womens Ministry Leader What should I do before I die? A necessary and useful ques-tion that Callie unearths and one we should ask on a regular basis. With a straightforward approach, relevant examples, and pointed takeaways, Callie gently nudges the reader towards clar-ity and helps to crystallize what the Lord would have each of us accomplish before we die. She then offers valuable steps on how'