b"There is nothing more powerful than knowing and living out your PURPOSE. Im blessed to see this through our cityCUR-RENT efforts each day, as we work with so many individuals and organizations to power the GOOD in our communities; but unfortunately, I also see so many who are lost and searching for meaning, a higher purpose, and stronger relationship with God. This book offers us a roadmap to find that higher purpose and take action to live it out; to create urgency and to make it a responsibility not just for ourselves, but for others; and most importantly, to draw closer to God and understand why we were given life on this earth. As a human and especially as a Christian, understanding our WHY is powerful and life-changing. So, thats why its extremely humbling to have a role in something this BIG and why I challenge you to take this book and these words to heart, What does God want you to do before you die?-Jeremy C. Park, CEO, cityCURRENT, TV, radio and podcast producer/host, author and speakerSometimes we're so busy living our lives that we forget to think about the purpose of our lives. Callie Dark's book What Does God Want You to Do Before You Die? gives a poignant reminder that God does have a plan for us, and her thoughtful stories, tips, and questions will empower us to fulfill that plan. -Michelle Cox, award-winning author of the When God Calls the Heart series and Just 18 SummersI know with certainty that we were all created by God on pur-pose and with a purpose. This amazing work by Callie Daruk will reignite the fire within to pursue that purpose and to not waste a single God-given breath. Youll be encouraged to run with perse-verance the race set before you like never before -Stacy Edwards, author, Devotions from the Front Porch and Devotions from the Kitchen Table, Thomas Nelson"