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Listening to audiobook.

Let us sell your audiobook through our network of more than 30 retailers, including Amazon, Audible, Apple, Google Play, Scribd, bibliotheca,, chirp, Walmart, OverDrive, Playster, Barnes & Noble, Baker & Taylor, Follett, hummingbird, Instaread, Nextory, 24 symbols, and more.

There is no cost to the you unless you need your book professionally narrated.

I already have my book in audio format.
That’s great news! We just need your mp3 file so we can complete a quality review process process for distribution.

I would like to narrate my book myself.
Perfect!  Here are some technical requirements and specifications to help you create your file.

I need someone to narrate my book and create and master the audio file.
No problem. We have access to professional narrators and will help to match you to the perfect “voice” for your book.  Based on your book’s word count, we can estimate audio length and narration cost. For example, a 50,000 word book will cost approximately $1400 to narrate, edit, and produce the final mp3 file. Contact us for your personalized quote.

After we have an mp3 file that passes our quality review process, we will produce a square cover for the retailer catalog, assign an ISBN number, provide up to 100 free listener codes (offer free audio versions to reviewers, friends, influencers, prize winners, etc.), take care of piracy and manage DMCA removal requests to protect your copyright, and publish it to our network of retailers.

How should I price my audiobook?
Audiobooks are typically priced by the length of the recorded text. The following table shows most common pricing brackets, but you are free to price outside of these as well.

DurationGeneral Range
Less than 30 minutes$1.50 – $4.75
30 minutes to 1 hour$2.25 – $5.00
1 to 2 hours$3.25 – $6.00
2 to 3 hours$4.50 – $7.25
3 to 4 hours$5.25 – $8.00
4 to 5 hours$6.25 – $9.00
5 to 6 hours$7.50 – $10.25
6 to 7 hours$8.25 – $11.00
7 to 8 hours$9.25 – $12.00
8 to 10 hours$10.25 – $13.00
10 to 12 hours$11.00 – $13.75
12 to 15 hours$11.50 – $14.25
15 to 20 hours$13.00 – $15.75
20+ hours$15.00 – $16.75

How much will I make?
You will receive 75% of net income as a royalty.  Net income is the amount we receive from the distributor for each sale of your audiobook, which varies by distribution partner channel, and business model.  For example, here is how partners pay royalties by business model:

  • A la carte: 40% to 50% of list price
  • Subscription: 30% to 40% of list price
  • Revenue Share: 25% to 45% of revenue receipts

From this you can see that retailers will pay from anywhere from 25-50% of the retail price for the audiobook, depending on their contractual agreement.
Here is an example: for a $10 audio book, you can expect to earn from $1.88 – $3.75 per sale depending on which retailer did the sale.

If you are ready to get started, complete the application below: