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The unfortunate truth is that it is difficult to compare publishing companies since most keep their business practices and publishing processes very close to their vestCrossLink is different … transparent, honest, and open.  We want you to know everything about publishing with us. Begin your comparison by using our simple 13 Step Test below.

We recommend setting up a spreadsheet and contacting each company you are interested in to compare answers to the following questions for starters:

Consider carefully before selecting your publisher!

Yes, we use sophisticated automation to optimize workflow within our company.  We will review your document, make a recommendation to the publishing committee and email you a yes/no publishing decision within 7 days.

Most traditional publishers have this clause to hold back earned royalties in the case that books are returned and have already paid author royalties. CrossLink Publishing takes the opposite view, betting the books will be sold and not returned.  In the event we do get returns in excess of sales in a royalty period, we simply invoice the author for the overpaid royalties.

No. There is no benefit to the author for this clause – it is just a mechanism used by publishers to lock in the next work by the author at the publisher’s discretion.  We have many repeat authors at CrossLink – but they were not locked into a subsequent contract – they freely chose us to publish their next book.

All of our books are edited by professional editors with decades of experience, using a very rigorous implementation of the Chicago Manual of Style. This ensures quality across 18 different categories, from tense consistency to simple punctuation. We do not rewrite or reorganize manuscripts but will point out obvious inconsistencies or citation issues.  In addition to providing authors with the edited manuscript with versioning turned on, we also provide a style sheet to document the rule or style that precipitated the edit.

CrossLink Publishing is proud to be the only publisher to share our internal project plan with our authors.  From our website you will see exactly what we are working on, when it is due to be completed, and what the next steps are throughout the process.  Red, yellow, and green indicators make it easy to identify what is on track or in trouble.  This is just one of the ways we build trust and transparency – a key differentiator between CrossLink and other publishers.

CrossLink books are sold to retailers at an industry standard 55% discount from retail. This ensures that your book will be available to all online retailers as well as brick and mortar stores.  CrossLink’s books are returnable by retailers—a non-negotiable item for almost all brick and mortar stores.

No. Print on Demand (POD) printing, although less risky for publishers, virtually guarantees that your book will not be stocked in any stores. Our books are produced by scheduling print runs and stocked in 3 warehouses ready for shipment.

Authors can purchase any number of their books (no restrictions on use or resale), at a 55% discount from retail. Books can be purchased before the print run at up to 70% off of retail, depending on the quantity (see contract).

CrossLink has adopted an escalating royalty schedule that rewards authors based upon the number of books sold.  The base royalty rate is 16% of Net Revenues for the first 5,000 books sold, then 20% for all books sold over 5,000.  Royalties on eBooks is 75% of Net Revenues. Net Revenues means the actual price the distributor, not CrossLink Publishing, receives when your book sells. The remainder of Net Revenues goes to pay order fulfillment charges, distribution charges, returns processing charges, shipping charges, storage charges, credit card fees, Amazon co-op fees, freight sharing charges, and amortized printing fees. We want authors to know exactly how royalties are calculated – transparency is one of our core values.

Baker & Taylor Publishing Services (BTPS) is the exclusive distributor for CrossLink books, and is one of the largest provider of distribution and marketing services for Christian publishers.

BTPS also distributes through the Ingram and Spring Arbor network (world’s largest distribution channel, (including over 30,000 wholesalers, retailers, and booksellers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Baker & Taylor, Alibris, Bertrams, Gardners, and others).

You can expect to find your books sold by virtually every book retailer, (Amazon, Barnes&Noble, etc.) including CBA Retailers.

CrossLink’s books are marketed by Noble Marketing, widely considered to be the top representative group in the faith-based market.  They have established relationships with virtually every Christian Bookstore chain (Family Christian Stores, Lifeway Christian Stores, Mardel Christian Stores, Christian Book Distributors, etc.), as well as the national bookstore chains (Barnes & Noble, Booksamillion, etc.).

Books will be promoted through the BTPS Catalog sent to thousands of Christian book stores and will be marketed by the Noble Marketing sales staff for promotion and placement in stores.  In addition, 3 months prior to the publish date, the author will be presented with a list of enhanced publicity options that may be applicable for their book (publicity campaign, Netgalley BookBites, direct mailings, etc.

Finally, authors receive our free proprietary 24-week marketing course and monthly author newsletters which contain proven marketing tips and strategies to increase market exposure and sales.

Short answer – yes.  Here’s why it is important to you:

  1. By US law, your book is automatically copyrighted when you created the work. However, by taking the extra step and expense to register your book’s copyright, we are able to greatly enhance the value of your copyright.
  2. Copyright registration creates a public record of ownership. If someone infringes on your copyright, you typically have the burden of proof to demonstrate copyright ownership.  But, if you’ve registered a copyright, ownership is presumed and any challengers must bear the burden of proof.
  3. One of the biggest benefits of registration is the ability to file a lawsuit for infringement. You cannot do this without a copyright registration.
  4. But the most valuable benefit we provide by registering your copyright is to make you eligible for statutory damages.  This means you can be awarded monetary damages for infringements without requiring you to prove actual damages.  In addition, you qualify for seeking attorney fees and all costs of a lawsuit.