CrossLink Publishing produces monthly data to show your book sales from your publish date onward.  This is all available in your author portal and is the most accurate way to stay on top of sales.

But how would you like to keep up with sales on a weekly basis?  Can you compare your book with others to see sales trends?  How close are you to reaching a bestseller list?  This information and more is only available from NPD Bookscan. Formerly Neilsen Bookscan, the NPD Group aggregates and analyzes data across 20 industries, including book sales. Bookscan captures 85% of the retail book sales in the US, going back to 2004. This transactional data is collected via the point-of-sale systems used by major book retailers, mass merchandisers, and independent book stores, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and over 550 ABA stores.

Why is sales data important?
Not only will the data give you insight into your sales, but it is also a key driver for book buyers for major accounts who consult Bookscan and other data to determine how many books to order of a new title. Also most of the top bestseller lists are created and tracked using NPD Bookscan data, like the Publishers Weekly Bestseller Lists and the Wall Street Journal.

If you are spending marketing and adverstising dollars, weekly sales data is the best way to determine impact and allow you to allocate advertising funds where they make the most difference.

For less than $10 month, you can now have access to this powerful data ($100/year).  Check out sample reports below and subscribe today.