CrossLink offers select authors the opportunity to participate in an invitation only program designed to stimulate and invigorate book sales through our exclusive imprint, Zion Press.  Zion press does not accept submissions or requests – they operate solely on recommendations from CrossLink.

Without being guided through a rigorous and complete marketing plan, most authors will sell less than 100 books. This is your opportunity to break free from this restrictive and limiting cycle. We will show you how to be successful and sell more copies of your book. Select either marketing plan below and we will guarantee you a contract with Zion Press.  Get started today – welcome to your path to success!

Basic Marketing Assistance (includes)

  • 50 free copies of your book
  • Strategic Author Marketing Plan *
  • One full year of Book Marketing Secrets
  • One personalized one-on-one marketing coaching session **
Comprehensive Marketing Assistance (includes)

    • 150 free copies of your book
    • Strategic Author Marketing Plan *
    • One full year of Book Marketing Secrets
    • Three one-on-one personalized marketing coaching sessions **
      • Pre-publication launch strategy (2 of the coaching sessions)
      • Post-launch marketing strategy (1 coaching session)

* The Strategic Author Marketing Plan is a 60+ page document that will give you a wealth of very practical marketing strategies, including specific advice for stimulating event, Internet, and specialty sales. By focusing on these areas, you will benefit from a more direct connection to your readers and you will make more money on each book sold. This plan will address creating special offers, getting free publicity, writing compelling promotional copy, getting glowing endorsements and reviews, creating bundled/group sales, selling more books at events than you thought possible, and a host of other strategies you can implement to ensure you sell a lot of books!

** Coaching sessions are phone or Skype-based conferences with CrossLink’s marketing expert.