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Once you become a Crosslink author, we will jump start your marketing efforts by making sure your book is listed in the Bowker Books in Print Database, the Christian Books & More Database, the Baker & Taylor Publisher Services (BTPS) distribution network, and the Ingram/Spring Arbor distribution Channel (including over 30,000 wholesalers, retailers, and booksellers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Alibris, Bertrams, Gardners, and others).

All books will be promoted through the BPTS sales catalogs sent to thousands of Christian book stores and will be marketed by Noble Marketing’s sales staff for promotion and placement in stores. Noble Marketing is widely considered to be the top representative group in the faith-based market, with 12 sales professionals covering all 50 states. They have established relationships and serviced accounts in Independent General Bookstores, National Christian Bookstore Chains, National General Bookstore Chains, Academic & Seminary Bookstores, Christian Book Distributing, General Book Distributors, and Specialty Accounts, such as Ministries, Denominational Offices, Book Clubs, Warehouse Contacts, Internet Accounts, Marketing Groups, etc.).

In addition, once your book hits the printing milestone, we will enroll you in our free, proprietary 20-week marketing course. Each week you will receive proven tips and specific strategies to implement that will increase market exposure and sales.

You will also be eligible to participate in our BookCrash Review Program. This optional feature allows you to offer bloggers free copies of your book in exchange for reviews posted on their blogs and at least one consumer website (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.). Find out more information in our free author marketing course exclusively for CrossLink authors.

Finally, you will begin receiving our monthly author newsletter where we share additional marketing tips and offer other opportunities to highlight your book at several national book shows and competitions each year.