A Media Kit (aka Press Kit), is a major marketing piece that represents you and your book. It is used by journalists, magazine and newspaper editors, radio and TV talk show hosts to quickly grab vital information about your book and help you spread the word.. Your media kit provides professional collateral material that you should offer media personnel after you pitch them your book or interview idea. You should always offer your Media Kit … you should never send it unsolicited.

What is in a Media Kit? We list the most common elements below. You should create each form listed and 1) zip all of the forms into a file you can email or distribute on a thumb drive, 2) print all of the forms in color on high quality paper to mail or deliver to interested journalists, and 3) create a Media Kit section on your website. Here is one example of a web-based media kit – but make sure you include all 10 documents for journalists to access.

How do I create my Media Kit? Start by completing the online free sample forms. When you submit each form, we will programmatically convert the form data and immediately email you a proof pdf copy of the document. Once you proof and review the form data to make sure it is powerful and compelling, you can then order a non-watermarked version the form for a print-ready PDF for your kit. Your cost is only $2.00 per printed live form – much less than what we pay to lease the conversion software. So for only $14.00 you can have a complete media kit, ready to distribute. Forms listed below as free templates are meant to be freely downloaded by you and completed as part of your media kit.

Finally, we are including 2 bonus elements: The first is a letter, with our signature block at the bottom, that you can use to request that a retailer stock your book. The second is an email template to email potential reviewers for your book. With publicity firms charging an average of $5,000 to create a media kit, you won’t find a better, more cost-effective way to develop your Media Kit. Set a goal and get started today!

Media Kit Table of Contents (10 essential items)

  1. Author Bio – [free sample]
  2. Book Synopsis – [free sample]
  3. Contact Information Sheet – [free sample]
  4. Press Release – [free sample]
  5. Sample Chapter – [free template]
  6. Sample Interview Questions – [free sample]
  7. Book Review Excerpts – [free sample]
  8. High Quality Professional Author Photos (author provided)
  9. High Quality Image of Book Cover (use image(s) emailed you from CrossLink Publishing)
  10. Sell Sheet (most likely already created. Request from CrossLink Publishing)

Bonus Material

  1. Letter to Retailer or Bookstore – [free sample]
  2. Book Review Request – [free template]