Generate buzz and get feedback about your book before the publish date.

NetGalley is an innovative and easy way to connect your book to an enthusiastic community of early influencers who will help their book succeed: librarians and booksellers who order and recommend books to their patrons, media professionals who interview authors, reviewers and bloggers who write about books online and leave reviews on retail sites, and more. On NetGalley, publishers and authors pay to list their books, and NetGalley members can download them for free. CrossLink is a publishing partner of NetGalley paying setup and monthly fees to allow our authors to participate in this program.

How it works. Once your book is listed on NetGalley, reviewers can request a copy of your eBook from CrossLink in exchange for a review. Reviewer profiles identify them as a bookseller, educator, librarian, media industry worker, or reviewer.  CrossLink reviews all requests for the most beneficial response and the potential to have your book read by readers who have demonstrated their reach as an early influencer or reviewer. If the reviewer has a high rating as a reviewer, has an 80% or greater rate of leaving reviews, and lives in the United States, we will generally approve the request. Once approved, reviewers can download your eBook onto any major reading device or tablet. In addition we will provide you with a widget link that you can email to reviewers that you know.  Reviewers invited through the link can download the eBook without additional approval. Finally, we will provide you with the list of reviewers so you can thank them and request they cross-post their reviews to Amazon and Goodreads.

Who does this?  NetGalley works with an extensive list of publishers to promote books to reviewers. In addition, CrossLink authors who use our partnership with Smith Publicity for their publicity campaigns, automatically have their books enrolled in NetGalley as part of their campaign.

Cost. You can manage your own campaign directly with NetGalley if you prefer. They offer a 6-month subscription for $450.  However, most reviews of the NetGalley service say that after 2 months, the requests and reviews pretty much trickle to nothing.  That is why CrossLink offers a monthly option starting at $65 per month.  We recommend 1-3 months of promotion on NetGalley, immediately prior to your publish date to generate excitement, reviews, and at the same time avoid dilution of the book once it is released.