Aggressive, Proactive Publicity Campaign

CrossLink Publishing provides authors an opportunity to participate in a 1-to-3-month publicity campaign to capitalize on their book’s message, appeal, and potential.  By selecting one of the three publicists we have worked with before, you will be able to benefit from a professional publicity campaign and have CrossLink Publishing pick up 50% of the cost.   In addition, CrossLink will provide all books necessary for review copies (up to 50) requested by the publicist.  Your book’s campaign will be specifically refined to meet your goals, needs, and target audience. Depending on which publicist you partner with, you may receive some or all of the following services (click blue text to visit site):

Smith Publicity

  • Create press releases for book release and interview release.
  • Work with author to create Byline articles and Op-ed pieces.
  • Research and develop local, regional, and media national media lists in the US and Canada, including Magazine, Newspaper, radio, Television, Online, Blog, and Podcast contacts.
  • Areas of media targeted include:
    • Book Trade
    • General assignment news
    • National/regional/local news
    • Features and lifestyle
    • Interview/profiles
    • Special interest
    • Christianity
    • Religion
  • Upload book to NetGalley for at last one month
  • Research media and directly pitch to generate opportunities, including feature stories, articles, book listings, trend pieces, book reviews, blog coverage, print interviews, online media coverage, expert commentary, byline writing opportunities, op-ed pieces, and guest opportunities.
  • Est $11,000 for 3 month campaign (50% to be paid by CrossLink)

Sidedoor Communications

  • Develop press materials, including pitch piece, customized pitch letters/emails, suggested discussion questions, show topics, author bio, and other material as needed.
  • Targeted broadcast interview campaign to select national and local market Christian talk shows and podcasts. Includes pitching, follow-up, and interview coordination.
  • Targeted campaign to select mainstream broadcast media. Includes pitching, follow-up, and interview coordination.
  • Targeted review campaign to select Christian print publications and websites. Includes pitching, follow-up, and interview coordination.
  • Est $4200 for 3 month campaign (50% to be paid by CrossLink)

Adams PR Group

  • Develop, write, edit and service press releases, talking points, interview outlines, a comprehensive biography, editorials, and other necessary press materials to promote AUTHOR/CLIENT in an overall national publicity strategy to faith-based/Christian/religious/conservative mainstream media.  Create press releases for book release and interview release.
  • Press Kit Creation (includes press releases, author bio, Q&A sheet, video/audio clips of author, book trailer, pitching editorial articles, etc.)
  • Press Placement Services – Pursue regional and national exposure in faith-based media and targeted mainstream trade and consumer print publications and websites, soliciting articles, reviews, and contributed content.  Press kits and books will be serviced to strategic list of print/internet media with follow-up phone calls/emails to secure features and/or reviews.
  • Pursue appearances with national and regional television programs, both Christian as well as targeted mainstream shows (if applicable).
  • Pursue both Christian and targeted mainstream nationally-syndicated radio interviews, as well as interviews with regional radio stations/shows.  Giveaway books will be serviced to stations that schedule interviews.
  • Service an exclusive in-house list of book bloggers who are identified as family-friendly and/or Christian who we service for blog tours, reviews and giveaways.
  • Assist Client in creating video clips to service to Christian/religious websites and social media networks to gain exposure.
  • Client press information will be included on our website and promoted on our social media (approximately 4000 twitter followers of predominantly media contacts and 100,000 website views/year). Place press releases on our Christian News RSS Feed.
  • Set up, manage and/or integrate various social networking pages/groups/updates on both Christian and non-Christian networks (i.e. Facebook, Twitter) to help grow a consumer and media database.
  • Est $4,000 for 4-month campaign (50% to be paid by CrossLink)

In addition, CrossLink has worked with the following companies to promote books and generate publicity.

Book Bites

  • Book Bites highlights four books each month in a syndicated column which is distributed to 10,000 newspapers. The premise is that your column will be picked up by many of these outlets and result in increased sales.
  • Here is a column with one of our books shown.  This column was picked up by 965 news outlets in 57 states and territories, and received 52,884,891 impressions from online unique visitors (Download spreadsheet showing outlets that picked up this column).
  • BookTrib has other solutions that we could explore in a conference call with them if you are interested.
  • Est $495 (50% to be paid by CrossLink)


  • Reader Reviews offers free book reviews along with a variety of publicity packages.
  • All reviews are complementary, but the paid offering guarantees a review.
  • See a Reader Review for a CrossLink Publishing book.
  • Est $119-$529 (50% paid by CrossLink)

Today’s Christian Living Magazine Advertisement

  • Buy a 1/4 page ad in this popular Christian magazine. Ad will contain a hi-res image of your book cover, a 50-word description of your book, and a link to purchase.
  • See issue with CrossLink book ad on page 29.
  • Place your book here.
  • Lead time is approximately 90 days due to publishing deadlines.
  • Est $240 for Resource Guide Ads – $380 for 1/4 page stand-alone ad in any issue(50% paid by CrossLink)

Williams Direct

  • AKA The Church Ladies, this organization specializes in church mailing and email lists. From their website, click on List Breakdown to see the wide variety of options available.
  • Emails are available for email lists. Emails are opted-in (permission given) so only 10-15% of the churches have emails. Pastor names are available (opted-in) on roughly 1/3-1/2 of the churches.
  • Williams Direct provides the lists; you do the mailings or send the emails.
  • (Est pricing is $210 per 4,000 churches – no CrossLink subsidy)

For more information or to get started with a particular solution, contact your project manager.