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Advent Women from Eve to Mary


Not always virtuous, the women of Advent are endlessly creative, wondrously adventuresome, necessarily defiant, occasionally manipulative, and absolutely faithful to God. Read their stories, and celebrate these women–Eve, Sarah, Rebekah, Tamar, Miriam, Rahab, Ruth, Esther, Deborah, Elizabeth, and Mary–without whom there would be no Advent or Christmas.

Each chapter provides scriptural references, an introductory passage from scripture, a narrative discussion of the woman’s life based on scripture, suggestions for symbols reflecting the woman’s spiritual journey, and questions for reflection.

The insights that emerge from these narratives invite reflection for practical life-changing potentials: How am I a person of Advent? What difference do these women of hope make in my life? As a guide for individuals, families, and group discussion, Advent Women encourages readers to expand their appreciation for the messages of hope revealed by these creative and resourceful stories, awakening in us awareness of how we can respond faithfully to God’s call.

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