Authentic Living for All Seasons


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In this book of practical advice from Nautilus Award-winning author Walt Shelton, readers will learn to enhance their lives and faith journeys by: (1) focusing on today; (2) not allowing fear to block aspirations; (3) consistently working to identify, refine, and balance their priorities; and (4) reflecting upon and learning from life experiences.

Engaging in the hard work toward paying full and focused attention to people and circumstances each moment of the day provides a doorway to a meaningful life filled with practical acts of kindness and true love of others.  Dealing with the normal emotion of fear without letting it prevent us from actively pursuing our vocation and goals results in a happier and more fulfilling life.  When we intentionally commit to identify, refine, and live out our priorities through practical daily preparatory routines and periodic self-reflective practices, we will enhance the quality of our lives and related faith journeys. Authentic Living in All Seasons focuses on these issues, routines, and practices to help readers progress toward a more authentic life.

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