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Can God Defeat Terrorism?


Maintaining strong faith in today’s culture is not easy. It often seems as if God is no longer in control, especially in the case of terrorism, where the number of violent attacks and the number of terrorists appear to be growing at a rapid pace. The violence of terrorism is real, as is the fear. It provokes very real questions about God.

Lost in the unforgettable story of Jonah, who ran from God and survived three days in the belly of a great fish, is what God accomplished in the city of Nineveh. He defeated terrorism. About one hundred fifty years later, revealed by the prophecy of Nahum, God defeated terrorism again.

In Can God Defeat Terrorism?, Scott Solana will help you:

  • Learn how God conquered terrorism in two totally different ways by studying the Scriptures found in Jonah and Nahum.
  • Develop confidence to know God can defeat terrorism again in the twenty-first century.
  • Strengthen the level of personal faith in God through thought-provoking Faith Gauge questions after each chapter.
  • Gain key insights into the nature and attributes of God.

Through the use of modern-day illustrations, personal examples, and an honest, witty, down-to-earth style of story-telling and biblical interpretation, Scott will engage, challenge, and inspire you. This study will help move your faith gauge needle on the subject of terrorism to “full” of faith.

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