Courage in the Face of Evil


For Vera Konig, a Christian German nurse, the decision is clear: She must risk her life and that of Andrea, an orphaned Russian girl she is hiding at Ravensbrück Concentration Camp by trusting the enemy, a Nazi prison guard who may save Andrea or parade them both before a firing squad.

Based on a true story, this daunting scenario sets the stage for an inspiring novel of faith, redemption, and the blur between good and evil where three people’s lives are transformed. Through Vera’s eyes, we are reminded that love may be universal when human survival is at stake. At one point Vera dumfounds Nazi captors by organizing a Christmas party where children from 23 countries sing “Silent Night” bringing joy to those like Andrea facing transport to Auschwitz or extermination the next day. Written in the spirit of Kristin Hannah’s The Nightingale, the daring exploits of Vera, a true angel of mercy, shine through in dramatic fashion as hate, love and trust in God collide during the horrors of the Holocaust.

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